Range Master inline collector



Range Master inline collector

Our collector has been a best seller for over 20 years, and continues to perform effectively through our continuous commitment to durability and innovation. The range now includes hand-pushed models, and carries through to our 21ft giant, as well as offering towed versions of some sizes.

The simplicity and minimal number of moving parts ensures that our units are sturdy and require low amounts of maintenance. Unlike cheaper models, our collection drums and wheels run on sealed roller bearings for less resistance and a longer life.

Each collector comes with a hot-dip galvanised framework and strong steel pivot points, allowing heavily undulating ground to be effectively cleared. Reversing a vehicle is also possible with the collector attached, thanks to our unique design.

Why not purchase a Kawasaki mule, complete with pushing attachment and cage, with your collector? Especially as EGM Equipment Leasing deals are now more attractive than ever.

Our strong, stackable plastic baskets and pushing attachment are included with every new collector.

*All Polypikka collectors come  with a two year conditional disc warranty against breakage.

Hand collectors:

When things such as vehicle access are a problem, EGM’s two hand collector models can step in.

Available in single and dual basket sizes, these miniature collectors can go anywhere that a human does and a machine doesn’t, such as areas close to perimeter netting or around tight obstacles. Hand collectors are an ideal companion to a larger collector when winter conditions set in and make the outfield inaccessible by heavy equipment.


7 Ft (2.18m) Towed version available 1200 balls
10ft 10′ (3.3m) Towed version available 1800 balls
14′ (4.4m) Towed version available 2400 balls
21′ (6.4m) SPECIAL ORDER 3600 balls
1m towed only 600 balls
Single Basket Hand (0.5m) 300 balls
Dual Basket Hand (1m) 600 balls




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